Electrician Classes Near Me: How to be an Electrician from Scratch

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Are you interested in joining electrician class because you want to be one? Have you started looking for “electrician classes near me” keyword in the box search? Read our article below.

Complete high school or equivalent

This step is very important. You can’t be an electrician until you can prove that you have successfully finished your high school or another kind of diploma certification. This basic educational level is what you need in your very first step. If you are still a student, pay attention more in certain subjects including physics, math, and English. Mechanical drawing and shop can be useful to add your skills. When you want to become an electrician, it means you have to read documents about technical, know when to use algebra, and understand the concept of basic science. If you haven’t completed your high school, it is not too late to enroll online high school diploma.

Have apprenticeship experience

This step is also vital to make you succeed among other potential candidates of an electrician. Don’t skip the chance whenever your school has an apprentice program. You will learn a lot of things including workplace safety, the code of national electric, a theory about electrical things, and many more. You can try to find local apprenticeship by looking it in the newspaper or through the department of labor. By having this kind of experience, you will have a solid base to continue the next step to become an electrician.electrician classes near me

Complete the apprenticeship

After you signed up for apprenticeship, you’ll be supervised and mentored by a boss or electrician of journeyperson who already completed more than four years of training. In this step, usually, you will get paid hourly. During the process, you will learn about essential concepts as well as job experience related to electricity. Generally, you will learn about several important aspects including:

  • Reading diagrams of technical and construction blueprints for plans of electrical
  • Maintaining, repairing, installing lighting fixtures, many types of control systems, electrical wiring, and electricity-distribution
  • Being certain that all the job complies with the local regulations
  • Inspecting and testing electrical components and systems by using particular devices

At the beginning of your apprenticeship experience, your boss will ask you to perform a basic assignment. But you will perform more complicated and difficult assignment to refine your knowledge and skill as well as to understand the basic concept. At the end of your apprenticeship, you will be able to perform construction and maintenance in full range.

Get certified by your local government

Last but not least, after you did all the steps above successfully, you have to find out the ways you can get a certificate. Every region usually sets its own standard even some states don’t give any certificate to electricians at all. So, it is your job to find out about your own state and the requirements to be certified.

Those are the steps in becoming an electrician. Now you can continue to find electrician classes near me keyword, to sign up for a class and refine your skills. Good luck!

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